Everest Models

Everest Models

Everest Truckmount

This simple to maintain truckmount has been engineered to meet the needs of even the most discriminating user. Featuring a triflow blower for true dual wand operation, total temperature control, and contemporary styling, the Everest is the perfect choice for both carpet cleaning and water restoration.

The Everest lineup has been improved with an intelligent idle-down system that we call e-idle™. This patent pending feature is the industry’s only system that senses when the machine is not in use and automatically idles down the engine to save fuel and reduce noise. The system will idle down under two conditions; the first is if the operator pulls the trigger 3 times in rapid succession, and second is, if the machine is not in use for 3-4 minutes it will automatically idle down the machine. And of course, you can operate the Everest without the e-idle if desired.

Field testing by cleaners has shown savings of up to 23%. Savings will vary by type of work, commercial versus residential, area being cleaned and the operator’s cleaning style. As gas prices go up, the dollars saved increases and the return on investment reduces. Now, imagine the savings over the life of the truckmount without the extra effort of alternative fuels and separate fuel tanks!

Please review this YouTube video we have produced which explains in more details the features and savings. You can also see in the video how easily and quickly you can operate the system.


All Prochem Kärcher Group truckmounts are covered by a limited 2-year parts & labor warranty.